Organizational Overview

Mindful Boston works to make mindfulness and other forms of meditation more available and more accessible to anyone who would benefit from regular meditation practice.  Our mission is: teaching sensible tools for navigating life's stress.  

In a media-frenzied world, the word "mindful" has been bandied about.  There can be a lot of confusion and conflicting information.  In the hopes of being clear, this is the breakdown of our name: 
Mindful--> "Present, aware, conscious, caring, ethical"
Boston---> A city that is known for taking no bullsh:t"

We really are here for teaching sensible tools for navigating life's stress.  
What we are not:
We are not here to sell you what can't be attained. We are not here to indoctrinate you into any system of thought.  We are not here to give you a quick fix.

We have both in-person and on-line options for practicing meditation tools. Our offerings are for a wide range of practitioners, from beginner through professional. 

In addition to offering beginner-level and intermediate-level meditations, our school trains teachers.  Mindful Boston, as a Meditative Arts Institute, is training secular meditation teachers in the same way that a Culinary Arts Institute would train secular chefs.  Instead of a "test kitchen" for chefs, Mindful Boston has a Practice Studio where meditation-teacher-trainees offer "what they are cooking"- beginner level meditations. Mindful Boston's other departments support both the teacher trainees and our members grow and develop their meditation practices. 

See our list of departments for more details of our structure. 

Picture:  Bird's eye view of Boston skyline on this page is from Wiki Commons.