Mindful Boston offers a logical pathway to follow towards building your skills in teaching safe and effective meditations.  The business model is set up like a martial arts studio.  You enter the studio community as a "white belt" and advance your skills towards "black belt" level as you teach and learn with others.  Mindful Boston is a community of meditators supporting each other in grassroots learning and practicing. 

The whole pathway takes most students about 2 years to get to Craftsman Level.  

How to apply
Start with enrolling in the Meditation Toolbox.  During the final class of your Toolbox, apply for MBSR.
B: Enroll in MBSR.  At the end of your MBSR, have a meeting with the teacher to discuss Craftsman level work, and apprenticeship. 
C:  During your Craftsman training, you will teach the CMNs.  Once you have a Craftsman badge, you can them apply for the Journeyman training.  During Journeyman level, you will learn to offer the Toolbox curriculum. 

Filling out the info form will let the Mindful Boston administrative staff know that you intend to enroll in the training pathway.