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Mindful Boston's Business Plan

Mindful Boston's full business plan is currently 35 pages long.  Contact us if you are interested in reading the full document.   

Below are important elements from the plan: Description, Key Objectives, and Management Summary.  

There will be an Info Meeting with Gena Bean on January 21st 2018 in Cambridge.  Gena will be presenting an overview of the Mindful Boston training pathway and discussing questions about the business plan.  RSVP at the Operators Meetup Group if you would like to attend this meeting. 

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Mindful Boston Meditative Arts Institute is an aspiring 501(c)(3) non-profit, secular, educational organization.  It trains staff members within nonprofit, educational, and healing organizations to bring the benefits of meditation to their client populations.   The organization’s main objective is to provide a clear pathway for service professionals to build their skills from beginner level meditators into experienced teachers.  With the Mindful Boston model, underserved populations will have greater access to high quality meditation practices.  

Composed of an ever-growing network of meditation students, teachers, and volunteers, the institute is dedicated to teaching sensible tools for navigating life’s stress.  The three functions of the institute include: 1) meditating 2)learning 3) teaching.

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Key Objectives

Key objectives for Mindful Boston Meditative Arts Institute over the next 5 years include:

  1. To provide aspiring meditation teachers a clear pathway from beginner level meditator to experienced meditation teacher.  This training pathway includes the following programs: Community Meditation Night, Meditation Toolbox, MBSR, Craftsman  & Journeyman Teacher Training.  The training pathway also requires participation in collaborative peer groups.

  2. To develop evaluations of meditation teachers’ skill sets.

  3. To reach professionals interested in mindfulness teacher training through strategic partnerships with Boston-area nonprofit organizations.

  4. To continue building a successful annual membership program to further drive revenue.

  5. To explore opportunities to grow the community base of participating meditators at studio locations in the Boston area.

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Management Summary

Mindful Boston is being developed as a trade school for meditation teachers that has a strong apprenticeship component within a community practice studio.  

Mindful Boston is a Meditative Arts Institute.  There can be similarities in its business management structure to both martial arts and culinary arts management.

For example, a karate studio has a training pathway from white belt up to black belt, with additional advanced training after black belt ranking has been achieved.  Once trained to a certain skill-level, the lower ranking black belts become the teachers for the new white belts that enter the karate studio as apprentices under the direction of the master-level karate teachers.  Most karate studios have a community base of members who pay dues to participate in the karate classes run by all the different levels of black-belt-ranked practitioners.   Mindful Boston is borrowing some of its apprenticeship and training studio business model from this martial arts industry format.  

As for similarities to the culinary arts business model: many culinary arts institutes have a training-kitchen studio space.  Chefs-in-training practice building their cooking skills in the training kitchens under the direction of the master-level chefs.  Sometimes the general public come to culinary arts training kitchens to taste the food and evaluate the progress of the chefs-in-training.  Mindful Boston will have its teacher trainees offer public meditation classes in a similar fashion.