Mindfulness Retreat Days on Cape Cod

Mindful Boston continues to develop our Cape Cod summer programming.  You can see pictures from our 2017 retreat day and/or watch this video from 2016 that describes what our retreat is like. 

Mindful Boston has held Cape Cod retreats for two years now.  In future summers, we are planning more classes in Sandwich and Eastham, and more camping retreats.  Registration for our annual retreat is only available to members, staff, volunteers and interns


July 2017- Mindful Boston held a weekend staff retreat where our first Craftsman Level teacher achieved an educational badge in Lovingkindness Meditation. 

August 2016-  In addition to a mid-week staff camping retreat, we offered drop in Meditation Toolbox classes in Brewster MA.  Media interns filmed the above video and took fabulous picture for our website.