Mindful Boston's Learning Pathway

Mindful Boston's free intro class offers you an accessible way to get a taste of what meditation is like.  These CMN events are a fun way to start getting to know us. 
Schedule: CMNs are offered every quarter. 
Price: free
Note:  Attending a CMN isn't required. Just jump right in to the Meditation Toolbox class if that's best for your schedule.

The Meditation Toolbox is a good way to either begin, or "begin again," with a meditation practice.  This is the class that was designed to offer more structure than the CMNs.  It can also prepare you for the intensity of MBSR.

Schedule: This six-week Meditation Toolbox class is offered during the Winter and Spring semesters.
Price: $150 for six weekly classes
scholarships available



MBSR is the 8 week program that changes lives.   You've seen it talked about on Oprah, you've read about it in Scientific American.  But are you ready? Make sure to take our Meditation Toolbox first. 

Schedule: offered once per year
Price: $600   scholarships available
Registration instructions are given when you graduate from the Meditation Toolbox class. 


  • ONLINE - Mindful Boston focuses on meditating in person with live people.  Additionally, as a supplement to our events, we have online recordings of our meditations.

  • AT WORK - Do you want to bring meditation events or stress reduction lectures to your office or organization?  We offer Workplace Programs!
  • RETREATS - We have two yearly retreats.  In July, we offer a fun relaxation retreat on Cape Cod.  In March, we offer a workshop retreat call Bypassing Burnout for learning stress hardiness. 
  • TEACHER TRAINING - Graduates of MBSR can chose to enroll in our Craftsman Level teacher training program if they want to continue with the Mindful Boston learning pathway.  Registration instructions are given when you graduate from MBSR.  More info is at our Teacher Training page

  • Q: When are programs scheduled???  We have a yearly scheduled designed for the work/life balance of our staff and students.  You can see the overview at our Calendar page.