Community Updates for the Fall 2016

This column written by Gena Bean

Here are the updates that I currently know about.  
Please use the comments section to post your own updates. 

1.  MBSR Pod Meeting:  

The 2016 Spring class of MBSR is doing a great job of maintaining a circle of practice.  Their next get together will be on Oct 23rd.  If you are a member of that class, make sure to RSVP at the Operator's Meetup.

2. Assistants for the Meditation Toolbox.  

I have 4 assistants currently signed up for the Toolbox that starts on Sunday 9/18/16.  If you are interested in teaching someday, I recommend that you assist the Toolbox on a regular basis.  Contact me if you are interested. 

3. Volunteer Editing

We will need some volunteers to edit the website and the business plan.  Contact me or Theresa if you would like to help out.