After our Cape Cod meditation class, chefs Gean and Donna are mindfully eating the cookies they prepared for us at the Capt Freeman kitchen.

Mindful Boston's
Cooking Metaphors


  • What is a Meditative Arts Institute? 

  • Is meditation part of a religion?


A cooking school can be called a culinary arts institute.  And at a culinary arts institute it is assumed that you can cook the food regardless of your religious beliefs.  While there are ways of cooking that are kosher or halal, it is not assumed that you will be trained religiously at an average cooking school in the United States.  

Mindful Boston's meditation practices are skills that every person can learn and develop within themselves.  There is no requirement to meditate in a religious way, any more than there would be a requirement to cook in a religious way.  While it is a wonderful thing that religious cooking and religious meditating happen elsewhere, we don't offer religious instruction at our classes. Our meditative arts institute is as secular as any culinary arts institute can be. 

Currently in the US, there are debates where some critics say that mediation practices are inherently Buddhist or Hindu.  

We use the word "secular" and "nonreligious" in our description pages in order to highlight that our skills-based meditation classes do not belong to any one creed or religion.  And still we deeply respect our colleagues in other organizations who do choose to use meditation skills in that way.