Take a Class

Mindful Boston offers classes in building the skills of meditation for all levels from beginner through teacher-training.  

We follow a quarterly semester system.  Each quarter, we have a Community Meditation Night and a Meditation Toolbox or MBSR class.  
The next upcoming classes (with registration details) are always posted on our Meetup Group calendar.  

Become a Member

Interested in getting all the updates? Mindful Boston puts out a newsletter once per quarter.  Become a member to be on our list.  

Volunteering and Internships

Mindful Boston is a volunteer-run community.
Your active participation is essential.   We'd love to have you add your time and talent to our projects!

Volunteers are members of the Mindful Boston community who dedicate a few hours per month to help us with tasks.  To inquire about a volunteer position, fill out the volunteer application form.  

Interns are (usually) college students who are assigned longer-term projects to get college credit and a resume builder.  To inquire about an internship, fill out the intern application form.  

If you would like to have mindfulness classes offered at your office, forward the link for our Workplace Outreach Form to your Human Resources Department.  

At Work