Take a Class

Mindful Boston offers classes in building the skills of meditation.  Each quarter, we have a Community Meditation Night and a Meditation Toolbox or MBSR class.  
The next upcoming classes (with registration details) are always posted on our Meetup Group calendar.  

Become a Member

Interested in getting all the updates? Mindful Boston puts out a newsletter once per quarter.  Become a member to be on our list.  

Volunteering and Internships

Mindful Boston has a supportive volunteer community. We'd love to have you add your time and talent to our projects!

Volunteers are members of the Mindful Boston community who dedicate a few hours per month to help us with tasks.  

Interns are (usually) college students who are assigned longer-term projects to get college credit and a resume builder.  

If you would like to have mindfulness classes offered at your office, there is information at the business/organization overview page. 

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