Get Involved

Mindful Boston is a community.
Without your active participation, nothing happens.


1. Participate:

Mindful Boston offers live meditations with real people in the greater Boston area. In addition, we offer supplemental online content.

One way or the other, figure out a way to bring meditation into your life.  Show up for it.  The best way to get involved with Mindful Boston is by doing some meditations with us.

"I have learned one thing. As Woody Allen says, ‘Showing up is 80 percent of life.’ Sometimes it’s easier to hide home in bed. I’ve done both."  
-Marshall Brickman

We have plenty of free beginner-level classes.  We also have more advanced classes that you pay tuition for.  There are memberships. And we also have a Volunteer program.

2. Financial contribution:

Giving a financial contribution will support our organization in building the next level of mindfulness programming. 

Option A: become a member, and get cool benefits.  

Support Us

Option B: Give a contribution to support Mindful Boston's mission.  Contributions will help to cover lawyer's fees and other startup costs as we apply for nonprofit status. Be aware, this is not currently tax deductible. 

Mindful Boston is working towards incorporating as a nonprofit.  That means that your contribution is not tax deductible, just yet.  

We are currently accepting contributions towards our legal fees and the other start up costs involved in attaining nonprofit status.  When you decide to contribute to Mindful Boston, you are helping to build the foundations of this school.  

The three main functions of our organization are:
Learn. Meditate. Teach.


Mindful Boston's website is a hub of information about what's being researched in the world of mindfulness.  


Join us for meditation practices, both in person and online.  We are creating a community of meditators. 


Mindful Boston offers teaching pathways so that you can share mindfulness with your clients. 

Picture at the top of this page:  Meditators learn how to combine meditation with a simple drum beat at one of Mindful Boston's Community Meditation Nights.  This location was our partner organization Ten Thousand Villages.