Applying for MBSR

Once you have graduated from the Meditation Toolbox course, you are then eligible to apply for the MBSR course using the form on this page (below).  When you hit the "submit" button, your information will go into Gena Bean's inbox.   Gena will review your application and get back to you with enrollment details and a payment invoice. 


The basic tuition rate is $600.  
AND, mindfulness of money is a profound introduction to the MBSR program.

If $600 is not appropriate for your income level, there is a sliding scale that goes both up and down.   Because that is such a wide range of income levels in the Boston area, our sliding scale goes both up and down to reflect different levels of investment that are appropriate.  Please consider what “being invested” in this work of mindfulness means to you as you decide upon the proper tuition rate for your situation.  

· Earnest students are never turned away due to financial reasons.
· Scholarships are available.
· Payment plans are available.

The following sliding scale is just a guide.  When we have our Orientation Meetings, Gena will work with you to create a fair tuition amount based on your real life.  

Application Form

Name *
Postal Mailing Address
Postal Mailing Address
For example, if you have impaired vision you may need large-print reading materials.
For example, recent incarceration, recent deaths in your family, inability to understand spoken English, medical issues...
Students must attend an Orientation Meeting before we start our MBSR course. NOTE: An Orientation Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday April 18th at 6pm. It would be best if you can attend that date. *
During this meeting we will have a small group discussion of about 45 minutes, and then each person meets with Gena for about 15 minutes privately to discuss confidential issues such as financial aid and medical history.
This program in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an opportunity to learn meditation practice and stress re-education. As is the case with any activity, the risk of injury is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. This program is not a substitute for medical or psychological attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Ask your doctor before participating if you have any medical or psychological concerns. If you need professional assistance with a medical or psychological condition, please do not enroll in Mindful Boston programs. The MBSR Intensive taught by Gena Bean does not have medical or psychological professionals on staff. It is run by a yoga teacher. If you are working with a psychological diagnosis, especially if psychological hospitalization has occurred, it could be unsafe for your mental health to engage in any meditation practice at all, including the practices from the MBSR program. In the case of past history of psychological hospitalization, make sure to learn meditation from a properly trained mental health practitioner. Please click 'yes' if you understand this disclaimer. *
REQUIRED* Please click 'yes' if you understand this disclaimer.