Mindful Boston is in the news...

"Make Like Gisele Bundchen and Meditate Away The Chaos"  starts with a news peg about supermodel Gisele, her meditation practice, and the Patriots' Super Bowl win.  The story then details how and why to join Mindful Boston for our meditation practice events. 

Arlington public TV filmed Gena Bean, director of Mindful Boston, for this segment on meditation in the community.

Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) This video is part two of a two part series on the science behind mindfulness.  

In the "You Are Here" radio program, Mindful Boston's Workplace Outreach/Present Source Director, Julie Fraser, was interviewed for WERS' show on local businesses practicing mindfulness in the workplace.

Gena Bean was interviewed as part of an audio series promoting the book Secular Meditation.  

 In "The Stress of Not Meditating" the Boston Globe mentioned Mindful Boston's drop in classes as one of the ways to get started with a practice.