Membership Options with Mindful Boston

Mindful Boston offers free Community Meditation Nights to the public each month.  That is available to everyone regardless of membership status. 

If you are ready to become more involved, we have three membership options available so that you can stay in the loop of Mindful Boston offerings more easily, and offer support to our organization.

Already a member?  - Go to the Members Portal Page to access your benefits.

1.  interested Party Membership
COST:  $25

$25 per year helps us to cover the administration and maintenance of Mindful Boston's contact lists.  A membership for those who want regular information updates.    (scholarships available)

Please consider paying a higher rate $26 - $49 for this membership in order to support our scholarship program. 


  • On our email list
  • Receive quarterly newsletter
  • Access to online library of mindfulness information and research via a password protected site. 
  • Know that you are supporting our overhead for public events. 
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2.  Online Practice Membership
Cost: $50

$50 per year helps to cover our online expenses and video equipment rentals.  A membership for those who want access to online practices that are approved by Mindful Boston's teaching staff.   (scholarships available)  

Please consider paying a higher rate $51 - $99 for this membership in order to support our scholarship program. 


The "Online Practice Membership" includes the above benefits from the "interested parties" membership:  * On our email list, Receive quarterly newsletter, Access to online library of mindfulness information and research via a password protected site, The knowledge that you are supporting the overhead for public events. 


  • online practice: Access to an additional website specifically for the Online Practice Members. This includes a library of our own meditation practices and optional feedback forms. This website gives you first access to the beta test versions of our online educational programs.
    For example, there is a beta test version of the online Meditation Toolbox course that is planned to launch in 2017.  You will see it first in beta during the fall of 2016.
  • Optional interactions via online feedback forms – if you choose to give feedback to our education team as they develop new programming, your ideas will help us to upgrade our offerings before anyone else sees them.
  • You can even enroll in one of our focus group listservs if you would like our developers to send you surveys about your experiences.
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3. Builders Circle Membership  
Graduates of the Toolbox/MBSR only
Cost:  $100 or more

$100 per year is the basic cost to help us build Mindful Boston.   (scholarships available)

$200 ~ member gift is a mug! Builds our scholarship program.
$300 ~ member gift is both a mug and a tote bag! Builds our scholarship program.
$365 ~ a dollar a day for mindfulness practice, you get a choice of member gifts. 

The "Builders Circle" membership serves two purposes:
1. You are investing in the mission of Mindful Boston, and
2. You have access to our intermediate-level in-person classes.
Note: Because this membership includes intermediate-level classes, only graduates of the beginner-level classes will be allowed to join.  When you graduate from either the Toolbox or MBSR, you will be given instructions on how to join this "Builder's Circle" membership program.  If you are already a graduate, just fill out the Builders Circle Form


All of the benefit that are listed above for both the "Interested Party Memberships" and the "Online Practice Memberships": 
* On our email list, * Receive quarterly newsletter, * Access to online library of information, * The knowledge that you are supporting our overhead for public events. * access to the online library of practices, * access to our education team's feedback forms, and * access to our focus group listservs

-Plus- meditation circles

  • In person, live, “insider only” meditations and yoga classes once per quarter.  (For example, this Fall we will have a November meditation retreat day over Veteran's Day Weekend.)

These classes assume that you have above-beginner experience, such as graduation from either the Toolbox and/or MBSR.  Therefore, there will be more practice time and less beginner instructions.  (live-streaming of these events is on the agenda for 2017)
RSVP to events is required at the password protected Builders Circle website. 

  • There  will be Builders Circle classes each quarter.

Builders Circle classes during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters will be in Cambridge. 
The Summer quarter Builders Circle meditation will be on Cape Cod during our Mindful Boston August retreat.  As a member of the Builders Circle, you will be invited to other events during the retreat as well. 

-plus- heart-based benefits

there are heart-based benefits for the higher amounts:

  • knowing that you are paying a dollar a day for practice can inspire you to sit down to meditate each day.  
  • when you attend Mindful Boston's public classes, you will know that you probably paid the scholarship tuition for one of the other students that you are practicing with. This is community building at its finest.