Guided Practice

Interested in trying a meditation practice?  Below are a few recordings from our founding teacher, Gena Bean.  Though, Mindful Boston does emphasize in-person meditations.  We offer free Community Meditation Nights with our Craftsman Level teachers so that you can try meditating with others in our community.  We have an ongoing schedule of live meditations at our Meetup.

The recordings below are a sample of what we offer.  For access to more extensive online content, become a member of our organization.

S.T.O.P.  (2:03)

This video is a 2 minute experience of "s.t.o.p." And then, below we have also provided a few audio-only guided meditations for you to explore. 

Seated Awareness  (23:01) 

Take your seat, and explore being with your breath, your body, random sounds, and maybe not-so-random thoughts.  Mind racing is just a part of this process.  

Taking Good Care of Yourself (19:58) 

Stop for a moment of reflection on how to support yourself.

LovingKindness Meditation (23:37))

For those days when you need some more connection to those around you.

MOUNTAIN Meditation (31:54)

An experience of abiding presence.