Guided Practice on your screen...

Interested in trying a meditation practice?  

Looking at a screen is not the best mindfulness option.  Though, access to recordings can be a supplement to your practice. 

Mindful Boston instead emphasizes in-person meditations.  We offer free Community Meditation Nights every quarter.  We have an ongoing schedule of live meditations at our Meetup.

Below are a few recordings for you to try until the next time you can get to a live event.

S.T.O.P.  (2:03)

This video is a 2 minute experience of "s.t.o.p." And then, below we have also provided a few audio-only guided meditations for you to explore. 

Seated Awareness  (23:01) 

Take your seat, and explore being with your breath, your body, random sounds, and maybe not-so-random thoughts.  Mind racing is just a part of this process.  

Taking Good Care of Yourself (19:58) 

Stop for a moment of reflection on how to support yourself.

LovingKindness Meditation (23:37))

For those days when you need some more connection to those around you.

MOUNTAIN Meditation (31:54)

An experience of abiding presence.