Pictures from our Cape Cod summer retreat day.  

Our 2017 retreat was in Eastham MA.  These pictures give an overview of what our summer retreats usually include. 

We have outdoor meditations at our campsite. 

We also meditate inside a huge tent!  Our octagonal meditation tent has room to seat 16 people comfortably on cushions and chairs.  

Our retreat day includes Cape Cod outings such as going to the beach. 

Mindful mini golf is one of our planned adventures.

We use inflatable meditation cushions.  Here's a stack on the picnic table. 

The view of the ceiling inside our meditation tent. 

A few floor seats are set up inside our tent before meditation time. 

The mini golf course is fun!

Cape Cod sunsets are famous. 

The bike rail trail runs directly behind our campground.  A beautiful place for mindful running and mindful biking.

Some folks sit in beach chairs to meditate.   

Most interns stay in tents.  There are also hotels and B&Bs nearby for those who want fancier accomodations. 

We hope to see you next time!

This video gives you more info about our retreat.