Scholarships at Mindful Boston


*Scholarships for class tuitions

Mindful Boston must cover our basic operating costs in order to run classes.  And, Mindful Boston has a mission to offer accessible meditation classes.  We do not turn anyone away for financial reasons.  We will offer a sliding scale for any of our classes. 

If you are in a financial position to help us fund the scholarship program, please see our Get Involved page for contribution instructions. 


*Scholarships for Memberships

Mindful Boston has instated our membership programs with the intention to cover our basic operating costs, not to ever be exclusionary. We do not exclude anyone from any of our membership programs because of ability to pay.  

If you would benefit from a Mindful Boston membership, we want for you to have one.  Accessible meditation is key to our mission. 

You can apply for any of our memberships: Interested Party Membership, Online Practice Membership, or a Builder's Circle Membership.  Click the membership button and check the "other amount" box. Then write in the amount of money that you can pay to support Mindful Boston programs.  Make sure that the amount you choose is actually an investment: you are investing in something that you value. So, for example, the amount should be at least as much as you paid for the pair of jeans you usually wear.  Yet do not pay an amount that is so high that you will not be able to afford food.  Your scholarship amount is based on the honor system.  We trust that you can choose the proper amount for your situation. Not too high, but not too low either.

One hardship in our culture is that without a pricetag, any of these memberships could be misperceived as worthless. Each of these memberships has a value above the listed dollar amount.  The exploration of this concept is part of the practice of mindfulness of money.  And Mindful Boston is actually developing a “Mindfulness of Money” class for our future members, so stay tuned… 

Picture: Earnest discussion during a Community Meditation Night at Ten Thousand Villages.