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Our teacher trainings are designed for professionals who are planning to integrate meditation into their current work with clients and colleagues in an organic, long-term, and sustainable way.  You will learn the nuts and bolts of how to lead skillful and safe meditations.  

Mindful Boston's teacher training emphasises IN PERSON opportunities to embody mindful living.

When you come to study with Mindful Boston, you will meditate in-person with other people, you will attend live programs, you will build your own skills as a meditator, you will grow roots in this work.   

Our program is an apprenticeship-based training for professionals who want to become skillful in teaching basic secular meditations, including mindfulness, for beginner-level populations

Mindful Boston builds a community of meditators.  That means that our programs are not set up to be a quickie way to get any kind of certification...  even though it is very likely that you will get a certification during the course of your time with us.  

 From start to finish the program usually takes about two years.  You will need to attend live events in the greater Boston area for about a year of your training with us.  Yes, this can be done part-time while you are here for sabbatical or university. 

That being said, expect that your learning will take the time that it takes, whatever that means for you as you learn within community.  Artificially imposed external timelines are not the Mindful Boston style.  You will be required to engage fully with your own practice for as long as you are a meditation teacher.  Yes, that means life-long learning after you attain any certification.  


Before starting any teacher-level work, you must complete an MBSR program as a participant.  

Mindful Boston's teaching pathway also includes the Meditation Toolbox and Community Meditation Nights.
If you are from Boston, start your journey by taking the Toolbox course.  
(If you are from out-of-state, we can work with you while you are here to make sure you have the foundational understanding to engage in the teacher training. Start by taking MBSR in your home town.)

Mindful Boston programs emphasize your authentic relationship with becoming a mindfulness practitioner in your own personal life. You will need to work hard at building your own skills. 

Craftsman-Level Meditation Teacher Training

 After graduating MBSR, during at least a year of study and teaching, Craftsman Level trainees work on their own craft in order to earn an educational badge from Mindful Boston.  As you earn a Craftsman Badge, you will be authorized to teach Community Meditation Nights (CMN) under the supervision of a senior-level teacher.  There is a large apprenticeship component to the Craftsman Training.

Journeyman-Level Meditation Teacher Training

The next step after earning a Craftsman badge is the Journeyman-Level program where trainees learn to teach Mindful Boston's Toolbox class. Once you achieve your Journeyman Badge, you will be authorized to teach the Meditation Toolbox program.  You will be able to customize the Toolbox for your own client populations and bring the Toolbox program with you to any location you work. 

MBSR Teaching

Mindful Boston does not train MBSR teachers, please go to the UMass Medical Center's Center for Mindfulness website and follow their instructions.


Teacher trainees will need to embody mindfulness and meditation practice in their own lives in order to teach their clients from a place of authenticity.

Therefore, just the completion of the participant-level MBSR is not really enough. You will need to be living this stuff.  Our teacher training programs include an exploration of how to live personally within the practice of mindfulness while sharing/teaching with others.

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