Mindful Boston's Meditation Teacher Training

Learn the nuts and bolts of how to lead skillful and safe meditations.  

As an adult-ed trade school, Mindful Boston offers two levels of apprenticeship-based trainings: Craftsman Level Meditation Teacher and then Journeyman Level Meditation Teacher.  

  • A Craftsman Level Teacher is authorized to teach Mindful Boston's Community Meditation Night (CMN) class, and has a skill set high enough to offer CMN-quality programs at any location they go after graduation.  
  • A Journeyman Level Teacher is authorized to teach Mindful Boston's Meditation Toolbox course, which is a more advanced set of skills than CMN classes.  Journeymen have the authorization to use the Toolbox curriculum with any of their clients.  Additionally, their skill set has advanced to the point where they can deviate from the Toolbox curriculum whenever they need to, and develop their own creative offerings.

The Mindful Boston Training Pathway
Start with enrolling in the Meditation Toolbox.  During the final class, apply for MBSR.
At the end of your MBSR, have a meeting with the teacher to discuss Craftsman level work.  During your Craftsman training, you will teach the CMNs.  Once you have a Craftsman badge, you can them apply for the Journeyman training.  During Journeyman level, you will teach the Toolbox. 

Other Organizations
If Craftsman and Journeyman training with Mindful Boston is not what you want, you might want to go to the UMass Medical School's Center for Mindfulness instead of Mindful Boston.  The CFM is the best place to learn how to become an MBSR teacher, as long as you are prepared to spend a few years enrolled at a medical school.  While Mindful Boston does offer the MBSR program itself, we do not train MBSR teachers.  We hired MBSR staff that has been trained by the medical school.
Students who are enrolled at UMass or at other master's degree programs are welcome to apply for internships at Mindful Boston as part of their master's degree requirements.