"Where do I start ?"

To guide your search, we've listed some of the common themes that bring people to our webpage.  Find the statement below that best represents you. 

"I am new to meditation."

We are so excited for you to learn how meditation will benefit your life, and to grow with our community! We suggest you begin with our free Community Meditation Nights. You'll be able to learn more about Mindful Boston and the people who are involved.  Our Community Meditations are the most simple and accessible programs we offer. 
If you feel ready to jump into learning the 'nuts and bolts' of mindfulness meditation, then register for the Meditation Toolbox course.  There's no need to attend the optional Community Meditations if you already know that you want to jump into the Meditation Toolbox and get your foundational learning started. 

"I want to deepen my meditation practice."

So you are ready to get down to business?  Our Meditation Toolbox course covers the nuts and bolts of a number of different formats for meditation.  The Toolbox is offered in the fall and winter.  Once you have graduated from the Toolbox, our MBSR course is the next step, offered annually in the spring. Do keep in mind, Mindful Boston requires participants to complete our Meditation Toolbox course before applying for MBSR.  So take the Toolbox in the fall or winter semester first. Then join us in the spring for MBSR.  Our training pathway is detailed at our List of Classes page. 

"can i teach?"

All Mindful Boston teachers start off by being students. And then they continue to be students long after they earn the title of "teacher."  Our teacher-trainees need to embody mindfulness and meditation practice in their own lives in order to teach their clients from a place of authenticity.  That means that if you are not already meditating daily, you will need to start.  You can start with our Community Meditation Nights and/or our Meditation Toolbox course. 
For more info, the pathways to becoming a Mindful Boston teacher are detailed at our teaching page

"I'd like to have mindfulness at my work."

Our "For Organizations" page has the details about how workplaces can partner with Mindful Boston.

"I don't know what i want."

No worries, take a look at the Calendar tab to see what's coming up. Come visit us at the next Community Meditation Night and meet our Mindful Boston staff face-to-face.  Our "For Individuals" page has the details of the basic steps to get involved with Mindful Boston programs. 

"How did I End Up Here?"

Who knows,  but we are happy you did! It's recommended to watch the media videos. They give an overview of why Mindful Boston is offering mindfulness practice. 

Picture:  Meditators in a circle at one of Mindful Boston's Community Meditation Nights.  This location was our partner organization Ten Thousand Villages.